Santa’s elves

Santa’s elves!

Every year, we still have the tradition of receiving Santa Claus and some of his elves. This tradition is really a pleasure for the children, the parents and St-Nicolas himself. Indeed, instead of staying at the North Pole and waiting for the holidays to come, he prefers to come and help you cut your tree to make sure you have a perfect Christmas.

Père Noël

Santa Claus with his trees

1) The benefits of having Santa Claus with us

Of course, having the real Santa Claus with us is incredible news in itself. But for him, it’s a more personal way to have contact with the children. Other than the good old letter of course. Also, don’t be surprised if he asks you what you want for Christmas. Indeed, he makes orders directly to his elves who stayed in the North Pole.

2) The elves of St-Nicolas

Speaking of our pointy-eared friends, they will always be here to serve you until the Holidays with laughter and fun. All this while giving you great service. Come see them!!!


For more information on tree collection, here is the link to our page:

Finally, if you really want to please the Christmas Dad, you can always sing his favorite song “O Christmas Tree”.

Here’s a link to the lyrics to learn it and, who knows, you might get a few more gifts! :