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Since they started at the Verger, owners Thérèse and Mario have been collecting ideas and planning to expand their enchanting site.

Their hard work, passion and vision have shaped the experience of Verger Champêtre – Gîte & compagnie today: huge petting zoos scattered along trails, orchards where you can pick your own fruit, an interpretation centre about life on the farm, Christmas trees, playgrounds, vegetable gardens, activities of all kinds, plus a huge variety of homemade products and an opportunity to take a stroll with some of the animals.

New projects are always being dreamed up, and we hope you’ll come visit us soon!

Thérèse et Mario

#plenty of awards and prizes

Since Verger Champêtre – gîte & compagnie offers a multitude of activities and attractions – gourmet delights, orchards, a boutique, a mini-farm, cut-your-own fir tree, animal enclosures, an interpretation centre and best of all, a walk with an alpaca or a miniature horse!

The owners, Thérèse and Mario, grow, harvest, develop and process their products, as well as create innovative recipes. Their expertise comes from being guided by Mother Nature. High quality products and the culinary traditions of the past are the hallmarks of this unique, family-run enterprise.

Down the years, Verger Champêtre – gîte & compagnie has been given many awards and prizes. Some are no longer given out within the industry, nonetheless, Thérèse and Mario continue to maintain the high standards that led to their recognition in the first place, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the best possible experience.

The following are some of the prizes and awards given to Verger Champêtre – gîte & compagnie:

  • Grand Prix du Tourisme Provincial 2013 – Lauréat OR Agrotourisme et produits régionaux
  • Grand Prix du Tourisme des Cantons-de-l’Est 2013 – Lauréat Agrotourisme et produits régionaux
  • Prix Distinction de la Chambre de Commerce Haute-Yamaska et Région 2013 – Entreprise Agricole
  • Prix Distinction de la Chambre de Commerce Haute-Yamaska et Région 2013 – Commerces de détail
  • Nomination au Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois 2012
  • Prix de l’Excellence 2011 – catégorie Mention spéciale
  • Lauréat provincial, volet Agrotourisme – Distinction en animation
  • Grand Prix du tourisme Desjardins des Cantons-de-l’Est, Lauréat régional 2011 – Agrotourisme et produits régionaux
  • Prix Distinction, Chambre de commerce Haute-Yamaska et région – Entreprise Agrotouristique et touristique 2010 & Entreprise Agricole 2011-2012
  • Illumination et Décoration de Noël – Prix Aménagement intérieur 2009 & Prix du public 2010-2011
  • Mérite Agricole 2010


Check out our digital map using this QR code and see for yourself just how much Verger Champêtre – Gîte & compagnie has to offer its visitors: a profusion of petting zoos, a flurry of fruit trees and Christmas trees, a variety of vegetable gardens, an abundance of information panels, and much more…

                                 **Dogs are not allowed in the orchard**

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