The summer pear season has begun!

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that the autopicking Summerset pear season is officially underway at Verger Champêtre! After garlic flowers, cherries, garlic and summer apples, it is now time for pears.


From mid-August to mid-September, you will be able to pick your own pears with your family. A great activity to spend some time in the enchanting setting of our orchard!

Pear trees are usually in bloom in May and the fruit ripens a few months later, usually around the middle of August. 


The pear is a seeded fruit that has a particularly sweet and mild taste. Pears have several health benefits. Indeed, the pear helps to promote satiety. In other words, pears can act as a substitute for water if you don’t have any on hand to quench your thirst. Furthermore, pears are full of vitamin C and vitamin K. Pears also provide a large amount of energy to the body through micronutrients such as copper.

In short, pears have many health benefits. This is a good reason to come to Verger Champêtre to pick pears with your family from mid-August to mid-September.