Plums Champêtre! This delicious summer fruit, good for the whole family, that we use in all sorts of ways, holds many secrets that we are ready to discover. From the health benefits, to the products made with plums, to the many

As you may know, Verger Champêtre is an estate that covers approximately 250 acres. That's a lot of land! Since the very beginning, the Verger Champêtre team has made it its mission to serve you fresh produce every day. To

Rediscover the garlic of Verger Champêtre! Garlic is not the most misunderstood vegetable, but it remains quite underestimated in the eyes of the population. You will see both the benefits and the ways to prepare this mysterious vegetable. In short, a

Time always slows down at "Gîte d'la Mère Poule"! At the risk of being called "perceptive", we must not forget that the Verger Champêtre - Gîte & Compagnie also offers lodging in a gîte! This service, despite the limited number of

Our herd has expanded again this year and our animals have given birth to several babies in the past few weeks. Among the new, there are six alpacas including Chocolat Favori, Crystel and Anabelle, three miniature horses including Julien and