Rediscovering garlic

Rediscover the garlic of Verger Champêtre!

Garlic is not the most misunderstood vegetable, but it remains quite underestimated in the eyes of the population. You will see both the benefits and the ways to prepare this mysterious vegetable. In short, a love letter to the clove.

1) The bulb itself

In spite of its atypical odor, garlic has several important benefits. The clove can slow down the development of several types of cancer, improve cardiovascular health or simply give a protective effect to the intestine or stomach. The bulb can really be an ally in addition to enhancing your meals. Without going into details here is a link to a site that describes perfectly the benefits and the unknown sides of the vegetable more in depth.

2) Garlic recipes

As you can imagine, we can’t talk about garlic without mentioning the recipes that are related to it?

In addition to our braid store, many of our recipes contain a freshly picked clove. In fact, our pesto that contains a good dose of garlic is unbeatable!

If you’re craving pizza in your life, try our brand new mini-pizza recipe seasoned with our star vegetable.

The link :

3) Black garlic

At the risk of repeating myself, we find the same benefits of garlic with its darker counterpart. However, we can even add help for overweight as well as for the immune system. Which we saw the importance of last year. In terms of taste, one of the best ways to prepare it is to put it in a salad with a good vinaigrette.

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I hope this article has had the effect of making you rediscover garlic and restore its reputation !!