Plums Champêtre

Plums Champêtre!

This delicious summer fruit, good for the whole family, that we use in all sorts of ways, holds many secrets that we are ready to discover. From the health benefits, to the products made with plums, to the many fun facts about plums!

1) Benefits of plums

Like most local products, our plums contain several elements that are essential to the proper development of each individual. We must not forget an excellent vitamin supplement!

Obviously, as you can imagine the plum is a very good laxative agent. On the other hand, it also holds several anti-oxidant capacities good against the various cancers, but especially that of the colon. Moreover, the fruit is good against bad cholesterol and an important source of Vitamin C, B and K. Moreover, if you transform your little purple fruit into a prune then another door opens in terms of benefits.

2) The products of Verger Champêtre

At the little boutique of Le Verger Champêtre, we offer several plum-based products. For example, there are always our delicious fruit pies. However, the big star of the products based on Reine Claude mauve are our 55 and 200ml jams that are carefully concocted by the masterful hands of Daniel and Thérèse!

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3) “Fun Fact” and company

As you can imagine, there are many interesting little facts about plums that are not well known and here are some of them:

Did you know that plums are the second most cultivated fruit in the world and can be found on all continents, besides Antarctica?

Did you know that plums can come in different colors like purple, burgundy, yellow, green, red or even white?

Did you know that in Chinese, the word “plum” symbolizes good luck?

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Le Verger really loves its good plums. We hope you do too!

Finally, maybe when you leave here with your wonderful plum harvest, you will leave with more than just a delicious fruit. Maybe you’ll bring home some good luck!