Freshly harvested vegetables

As you may know, Verger Champêtre is an estate that covers approximately 250 acres. That’s a lot of land! Since the very beginning, the Verger Champêtre team has made it its mission to serve you fresh produce every day. To fulfill this mission, we cultivate our land by growing all kinds of vegetables, which can then end up on your plate.


Among the vegetables present in our various gardens, we find among others tomatoes and potatoes. We have already harvested some in the last few days and you can come by our store to get some. We continue to harvest every day so if you are interested, it’s time to treat yourself!


Further more, one of the most pleasant activities to do at our place is without a doubt autopicking. In fact, it will soon be possible to come and pick squash in our various gardens, since the pick-your-own period for this vegetable will run from the beginning of September to the end of October.


If you want to spice up your dishes with freshly harvested vegetables, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself at the orchard!