10 gift ideas to find at Verger Champêtre – gîte & compagnie

Classic or unusual gifts

You don’T know what to give to your aunt or your dad? Your mom is asking you to make her a surprise and your brother is never satisfied? Here are 10 gift ideas you can find at Verger Champêtre – gîte & compagnie that will please everyone!

  1. An annual pass for 2019
    For a gift that last from spring to winter.
  2. Alpaca wool socks
    Because it feels so much better to be warm in our boots.
  3. A cup with hot chocolate mix
    For our sweet tooth friends…
  4. A stuffed alpaga
    Because we all need a hug from time to time.
  5. A gift basket with marinades and jams
    To add a little something to every meal!
  6. An alpaca wool scarf
    So soft and so warm…
  7. A trio of fudges from the Orchard
    Apple, pear, mapple, pumpkin, chocolate, you have the choice!
  8. A Christmas lantern
    On the table or on the fireplace, it will always shine.
  9. An alpaca wool blanket
    Because it is much more nice to sleep in a warm bed.
  10. A basket of alcohol-pâté-fudge
    Alcohol from the province of Quebec with a pâté and fudge from our orchard.

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